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Autore Titolo dell'album GENERE
1 A.A.V.V. Milestones of pop & rock of  the 60’ .... rock
2 A.A.V.V. 1939-1940. Jazz-Blues-Soul jazz-blues
3 Adams Ryan Demolition rock
4 Adams Ryan Gold rock
5 Adams Ryan 29 rock
6 Adams Ryan Easy tiger rock
7 Adams Ryan & The Cardinals Cold roses rock
8 Adams Ryan & The Cardinals Jacksonville City nights rock
9 Afro Cuban All Stars A toda Cuba le gusta latino
10 Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder Talking Timbuktu etnica-Mali
11 Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabaté In the heart of the moon etnica-Mali
12 Allman Brothers Band New Jersey rock
13 Allman Brothers Band 2nd set rock
14 Alpha Blondy Apartheid is nazism reggae
15 Alpha Blondy Yitzhak Rabin reggae
16 Alvin Dave and The Guilty men Interstate city americana
17 Armas Reynaldo Sòlo recias llanera
18 Backsliders Throwin’ rocks at the moon roots country
19 Beachwood sparks Once we were trees rock
20 Bennett Jay & Burch Edward The palace at 4am (part I) americana
21 Blue mountain Dog days roots country
22 Blue mountain Homegrown roots country
23 Blue mountain Roots roots country
24 Blues Traveler Straight on till morning jam rock
25 Bubola Massimo Amore & guerra rock
26 Buckley Jeff Grace rock
27 Buckley Tim Live at the troubadour 1969 rock
28 Buffett Jimmy Banana wind rock-latino
29 Buffett Jimmy Fruitcakes rock-latino
30 Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell Begonias americana
31 Cale J.J. Troubadour rock
32 Calexico The black light rock
33 Calexico Hot rail rock
34 Calexico & Iron and Wine In the Reins rock
35 Canned Heat Dust my broom rock
36 Casal Neal Fade away diamond time roots country
37 Cash Johnny Columbia records rock
38 Chambers Kasey Barricades & brickwalls americana
39 Chapman Tracy Tracy Chapman rock
40 Chapman Tracy New beginning rock
41 Church Gold afternoon fix rock australiano
42 Church Starfish rock australiano
43 Clapton Eric From the cradle rock-blues
44 Clark Guy Keepers rock-country
45 Cockburn Bruce The charity of night rock
46 Cody Phil The sons of intemperance offering rock
47 Cooder Ry Music by Ry Cooder rock-tex-mex
48 Cooder Ry Buena vista social club cubana-son-bolero
49 Cooder Ry My name is Buddy rock-country
50 Creedence Clearwater Revival Collection swamp-rock
51 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Dejà vu rock
52  \ Crash rock
53 Dave Matthews Band Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95 rock
54 Dave Matthews Band Remember two things rock
55 De André F. Anime salve italiana
56 De Lucia Paco Luzia flamenco-chitarra
57 De Villez & Motivo Tropicowboy latina-rock
58 Despeyroux Pablo                    Triptico: Spanish guitar flamenco-chitarra
59 Donna the Buffalo The ones you love roots-rock
60 Donna the Buffalo Rockin’ in the weary land roots-rock
61 Doors Strange ways rock
62 Doors The Doors rock
63 Dylan Bob Blonde on blonde rock
64 Dylan Bob Desire rock
65 Dylan Bob Bringing It All Back Home rock
66 Eagles Hotel Caifornia rock
67 Earle Steve Guitar town rock-country
68 Earle Steve Copperhead road rock-country
69 Earle Steve I feel alright rock-country
70 Earle Steve Train a comin’ rock-country
71 Earle Steve El corazòn rock-country
72 Earle Steve Transcendental blues rock-country
73 Earle Steve Sidetracks rock-country
74 Earle Steve Jerusalem rock-country
75 Earle Steve The revolution starts now rock-country
76 Earle Steve Washington square serenade rock-country
77 Earle Steve and the Del McCoury Band The mountain bluegrass
78 Ekoostik Hookah Ohio grown jam rock
79 Ely Joe Letter to Laredo rock tex-mex
80 Ely Joe Twistin’ in the wind rock tex-mex
81 Estrellas do Areito Los heroes cubana-son-salsa
82 Evora Cesaria Cafè Atlantico morna capo verde
83 Faulkner Tom Lost in the Land of Texico Tex-mex-country
84 Farrar Jay Sebastopol country-rock
85 Farrar Jay Stone, steel & bright lights country-rock
86 Ferrer Ibrahim Ibrahim Ferrer cubana-son-salsa
87 Ferrer Ibrahim Buenos hermanos cubana-son-salsa
88 Flying Burrito Brothers Southern tracks country-rock
89 Fogerty John Blue moon swamp swamp-rock
90 Fogerty John Premonition swamp-rock
91 Fogerty John Deja vu all over again swamp-rock
92 Four men and a dog Long roads irish
93 Garcia J. & Grisman David Shady grove rock
94 Garcia Jerry Acoustic Band Almost  acoustic rock
95 Garcia Jerry Band How sweet it is... rock
96 Gerson Ruth Fools and kings rock
97 Golden Smog Down the old mainstream roots-country
98 Golden Smog Weird tales roots-country
99 Golden Smog Another fine day roots-country
100 Grateful dead Aoxomoxoa rock
101 Grateful dead Live dead rock
102 Grateful dead Hundred year hall rock
103 Hangdogs East of yesterday roots-rock
104 Hendrix Jimi Electric Ladyland rock
105 Hendrix Jimi The ultimate experience rock
106 Hendrix Jimi Blues Blues
107 Hiatt John & The Guilty dogs Hiatt comes alive at Budokan ? rock
108 Hiatt John The Tiki bar is open rock
109 Hookers Calico rock
110 Hudson Cary The phoenix americana
111 Iguanas Nuevo boogalooo latina-mex
112 Iguanas Superball latina-mex
113 Il disco del mese\13 World music world music
114 Il disco del mese\15 Salsa salsa..ecc.
115 Il disco del mese\25 Flamenco flamenco-chitarra
116 Il disco del mese\27 Cuba son cubano
117 Il disco del mese\31 Vicino oriente orientale
118 Il disco del mese\36 India indiana
119 Inxs Welcome to wherever you are rock
120 Isaak Chris Baja sessions rock-country
121 Jarabe de Palo Depende latina
122 Jarabe de Palo De vuelta y vuelta latina
123 Jayhawks Hollywood town hall roots-country
124 Jayhawks Tomorrow the green grass roots-country
125 Jayhawks Sound of lies roots-country
126 Jayhawks Rainy day music roots-country
127 Johnson Robert Terraplane blues blues
128 Kravitz Lenny Are you gonna go my way rock
129 Kravitz Lenny Circus rock
130 Kravitz Lenny Let love rule rock
131 Kravitz Lenny Mama said rock
132 L’America del rock Il suono degli anni novanta\13 rock
133 La Cucina Nabimla !  
134 Lara Nil Lara Nil latina-rock
135 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II rock
136 Led Zeppelin Mothership rock
137 Lee Hooker John Chill out blues
138 Los Lobos This time rock
139 Los Lobos Good morning Aztlán rock-mex
140 Los Super Seven Los Super Seven rock-mex
141 Los Super Seven Canto mex-cubano-brasil
142 Los Super Seven Heard it on the X rock-mex
143 Lovett Lyle The road to Ensenada rock-country
144 Lovett Lyle Step inside this house rock-country
145 Lucero Rebels, rogues & sworn brothers alt-country
146 Malo Raul Today latina-rock
147 Manà Revolucion de amor latina-rock
148 Mango Jam Flux  
149 Marley Bob Stir it up reggae
150 Marley Bob & the Wailers Rebel music reggae
151 Mavericks Music for all occasions rock-country
152 Mavericks Trampoline rock-country
153 Mellencamp John Human wheels rock
154 Mellencamp John Whenever we wanted rock
155 Merengue compilation merengue
156 Merritt Tift Tambourine Country-rock
157 Moby moby 18 pop
158 Montoya Carlos Flamenco ! flamenco-chitarra
159 Musiche dal mondo Cuba salsa..ecc.
160 Neko Case Fox confessor brings the flood rock
161 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Rapture sufi
162 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook Night song sufi
163 O'Reagan Tim Tim O'Reagan americana
164 Ochoa Eliades Sublime ilusion cubana
165 Ochoa Eliades Estoy como nunca cubana
166 Parker Graham Squeezing out sparks + live sparks rock
167 Pearl Jam No code rock
168 Pearl Jam Yield rock
169 Petty Tom Wildflowers rock
170 Petty Tom & The Homebreakers Echo rock
171 Phish Rift rock
172 Phish Billy breathes rock
173 Phish Slip stitch and pass rock
174 Phish A live one rock
175 Phish Round room rock
176 Pink Floyd The division bell rock
177 Police Outlandos d’amour rock
178 Police Reggatta de blanc rock
179 Portabales Guillermo El carretero son cubano
180 Quicksilver messenger service Happy trails rock
181 R.e.m. Automatic for the people rock
182 R.e.m. Document rock
183 R.e.m. Out of time rock
184 Radio Tarifa Temporal marocco
185 Red Hot Chili Peppers One hot minute rock
186 Reed Lou Magic and loss rock
187 Ribot Marc y Los Cubanos Postizos Muy divertido latina-rock
188 Rock legends I Rock legends rock
189 Rolling Stones Steel wheels rock
190 Rouse Josh Under cold blue stars rock
191 Russell Tom The rose of the San Joaquin country-rock
192 Rusted Root Remember roots-rock
193 Rusted Root When i woke roots-rock
194 Sade Diamond life rock
195 Santana Supernatural rock pop
196 Say ZuZu Say ZuZu roots-rock
197 Say ZuZu Highway signs & driving songs roots-rock
198 Say ZuZu Take these turns roots-rock
199 Say ZuZu Bull roots-rock
200 Scott Laurent Band Caposville roots-rock
201 Sheppard Jean Snowbird country
202 Slobberbone Everything you thought was right roots-americana
203 Snider Todd Songs for the daily planet roots-rock
204 Snider Todd Step right up roots-rock
205 Snider Todd Viva satellite roots-rock
206 Son volt Trace roots-country
207 Son volt Straightaways roots-country
208 Son volt Wide swing tremolo roots-country
209 Springsteen Bruce Darkness on the edge of town rock
210 Springsteen Bruce The ghost of Tom Joad rock
211 Springsteen Bruce Devils & dust rock
212 Sting ...Nothing like the sun rock
213 Subdudes Annunciation rock-tex-mex
214 Subdudes Live at last rock-tex-mex
215 Tarahumara La gran primavera vol.3 etnica-sudamericana
216 Testa Gianmaria Lampo italiana
217 Texas Tornados 4 aces tex-mex
218 The Del Fuegos Smoking in the fields rock
219 Traffic Mr. Fantasy rock
220 Traffic When the eagle flies rock
221 Traffic Far from home rock
222 Treviño Rick Mi son latino-mex
223 U2 Achtung baby rock
224 U2 Boy rock
225 U2 October rock
226 U2 Rattle and hum rock
227 U2 The Joshua tree rock
228 U2 The unforgettable fire rock
229 U2 Under a blood red sky rock
230 U2 War rock
231 Uncle Tupelo No depression alternative country
232 Uncle Tupelo Still feel gone alternative country
233 Uncle Tupelo Anodyne alternative country
234 Vives Carlos Clasicos de la Provincia colombiana
235 Vives Carlos Dejame entràr colombiana
236 Wagon No kinder room roots-country
237 Wagon Anniversary roots-country
238 Wallflowers Bringing down the horse rock
239 Waterboys Fisherman’s blues irish
240 Waterboys Room to roam irish
241 Waters Muddy Chicago Blues blues
242 Weiss Chuck E. Old soluls & wolf tickets rock-blues
243 Whiskeytown Faithless street roots-country
244 Whiskeytown Strangers almanac roots-country
245 Wilco A.M. roots-country
246 Wilco Being there roots-country
247 Wilco Yankee hotel foxtrot rock
248 Wilco A ghost is born rock
249 Wilco Sky blue sky rock
250 Williams Lucinda Essence rock
251 Williams Lucinda World withou tears rock
252 Williams Lucinda Live at the Fillmore rock
253 Williams Lucinda Car wheels on a gravel road rock
254 Williams Lucinda West rock
255 Wolf Howlin’ London Sessions blues
256 Yoakam Dwight Gone country-rock
257 Young Neil Neil Young rock
258 Young Neil Tonight’s the night rock
259 Young Neil After the gold rush rock
260 Young Neil Harvest rock
261 Young Neil Zuma rock
262 Young Neil Sleeps with angels rock
263 Young Neil Silver & gold rock
264 Young Neil Are you passionate ? rock
265 Young Neil Greatest hits rock
266 Young Neil On the beach rock
267 Young Neil Prairie wind rock
268 Young Neil Chrome dreams II rock
269 Young Neil and Crazy Horse Year of the horse rock
270 Young Neil and Crazy Horse Mirrorball rock
271 Young Neil and Crazy Horse Broken arrow rock



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